• SaaS enabled
  • Remote or Onsite
  • SLA based, 24/7
  • Platform independant
  • Historic benchmark database
  • Built on IBM Tivoli quality
  • Improve performance
  • Improve Stability
  • Carefully plan investments


Improve business processes on your existing infrastructure

With Intelligent Performance Monitoring

At IPM, we believe that your Business processes and efficiency can be improved and accelerated with an optimized IT-infrastructure. With today's technological developments entrepreneurs and CIOs continuously have to make choices whether to adopt new business software or to rely on the existing, often outdated, technology.

The changes can include ERP-updates, new Cloud-based software, Big Data – structured and non-structured – and the implementation of middleware between business applications. It is not all about the benefits that come with this new software for your business; but the manageability, availability and accessibility of the new technology.

Due to the close reliance of the company’s core business and their IT-environment, it is important to have continuous insight into the status of applications and systems to minimize the risk of downtime or performance loss that may have a major impact on your company’s processes and results.

With the latest monitoring products and technology, IPM is able to increase performance and reduce downtime of your existing infrastructure. A gateway server will be placed on top of your environment, which facilitates the communication between your components and the expert system in our cloud. By reporting and placing a set of portals at the disposal of the customers, administrators can have good insight into the impact of the IT-environment health on the core business.

The difference between our monitoring system and standard monitoring solutions is that IPM offers an off-the-shelve service from the Cloud, that focuses on component performance and end-to-end transactions within your business critical IT-processes. Contrary to conventional monitoring solutions, where only separate components are monitored, IPM makes use of an Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Base, which notices relations with regards to the performance between the different components and systems.

Intelligent Performance Monitoring offers you the unique possibility to gain insight into complex ICT infrastructures so you can see the status of ICT processes in real time and through reporting.

Component & End-To-End transaction monitoring from the cloud

IPM will give you a fully automated performance monitoring of your servers, applications and other network components in your IT- environment. The IPM appliance service is easy to implement, without requiring any specific technical knowledge. You will be able to map out which and how many components need to be monitored. Together with our performance specialists an optimal mapping can be done, which allows you to precisely satisfy your performance monitoring needs.

After the intake and implementation, the entire system is operational. You will have access to the IPM dashboard at anytime and anywhere for insight into the performance and availability results of your IT-components. You can choose which components need to be monitored and connect them to the IPM-system. Within 1 hour after the implementation you can monitor your entire IT-infrastructure through the real-time dashboard.

With secure remote access via the Internet, you are no longer geographically bound to gain access to the monitoring of your IT-infrastructure. Furthermore, IPM automatically notifies you when one of your components is in a state of performance degradation. It is vitally important for our customers to gain insight into the status of business critical IT operational processes. Using our secure IPM monitoring solution, a company is allowed to warrant the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) and prevent performance problems. The early detection of errors will reduce downtime. IPM delivers an expert system with a 24/7 helpdesk to guarantee optimal performance and uptime of your IT-infrastructure.



The IPM Basic service provides an insight into the performance of individual components. In agreement with the customer needs a mapping of critical components, to be monitored, will be determined. After the intake and implementation, the entire system is operational and you will have 24/7 and anywhere, access to the IPM dashboard.


The IPM Advanced service provides insight into the response times of end-to-end transactions. Our dashboard will visualize response times of your transactions in real-time. With end-to-end visibility into your transaction landscape delays and bottlenecks can easily be resolved which will improve your business critical processes.


The IPM Customized service offers you the opportunity for a different use of our tools. For example: go-live support, specific mapping of components and transaction, …


Using Intelligent Performance Monitoring your company has at anytime and everywhere, a real-time overview and periodic reporting into the end-to-end performance of business-critical IT-processes. With this acquired knowledge, you are able to proactively anticipate on performance degradation and decrease unnecessary costs or overhead.

All IPM services are delivered in the Cloud; this means that there is no need for investment in hardware, software or knowledge. All services are offered with a maintenance contract to guarantee a continuous improvement of your IT-environment.

A five-phase model

1. Measure the components

In this phase performance data of various components within the mapped IT infrastructure (Servers, Applications, Networking, Databases) is automatically and at regular intervals; collected, encrypted and sent to our TIER III datacenter for analysis.

2. Diagnose the results (by the IPM expert system)

The diagnostic phase is the phase in which the acquired performance data is analyzed with the aid of Artificial Intelligence systems. These systems are capable to analyze large amounts of performance data and the underlying link between various component performance. In addition, all data is analyzed by our performance specialists. This makes IPM a unique solution in the market.

3. Advice on possible improvements

After the diagnostic phase, a report is released. This report provides an overview of performance improvements accompanied by the motivation behind these findings.

4. Resolve by implementing recommendations  

After a deep dive into the IPM advisory report, it is up to the customer to decide whether to implement the IPM advice.

5. Measure and report changes

After applying the recommendations, the IPM process will run again in order to determine how the changes have improved the performance. Part of a Total Quality Management system is to  be aware of new bottlenecks or issues within your IT-infrastructure.


Because business growth is more and more linked to the operation and processes of components, intelligent performance monitoring has become essential for every company-based infrastructure. By using the performance monitoring knowledge system, we can monitor your IT-business processes in an intelligent way and provide you with a real-time insight into the performance of business-critical applications.

Why IPM is the perfect fit for your IT infrastructure

"The automated end-to-end monitoring of your infrastructure performance; no manual intervention is required, which saves costs in time and personnel."

"Anytime, anywhere, information about the performance of your business-critical applications through dashboards or secure over the Internet."

With better understanding and clear insight of performance and end-to-end transactions within your IT-infrastructure, you will have better availability to pro-actively identify and eliminate bottlenecks or issues. In case of problems you can quickly identify and resolve the bottleneck or issue which will prevent a decrease in service level or business results.

IPM provides you with an efficient and scalable end-to-end performance monitoring solution that allows you to effectively avoid performance degradation of your critical IT processes and eliminate the negative impact on your core business. By using an IPM-solution, introducing and deployment of new complex IT-components is faster and cost optimized. IPM is capable to create an end-to-end overview of complex IT-environments and it can show you how to  better align.