• Every piece of information is indexed (meta-tagged) and sorted in a hierarchy of folders, enabling quick retrieval and organisation.
  • Notifications, reminders and alerts offer interactivity with users.
  • High level security is guaranteed via access rights and administration profiles.
  • Out of the box software, enabling easy and quick configuration and administration.
  • Hundreds of parameters are available for customization.
  • Road-tested, mature solution used by more than 50 organisations every day.

I.R.I.S. DocShare is an online collaborative suite dedicated to geographically spread organisations. The solution allows organisations to easily set up and maintain private and public web sites from one single platform, in full autonomy. I.R.I.S. DocShare enables to store, retrieve, share efficiently information such as documents, contacts, events, forums, surveys...


Document Library

Store, manage and archive electronic documents. Create templates to accelerate metadata entry processes. Allow versioning, approval flow, check-in/out, document annotation and background PDF conversion to streamline treatments. Search through metadata, keywords or even full-text to retrieve items. Information can be pushed through alert and notification systems. Scanning can be included as an option.

Contact Database

Manage contacts by creating groups, distribution lists, mail broadcasts and labels. Search organisations and contacts on any combination of criteria.


Create eNewsletters, integrate dynamic contents from I.R.I.S. DocShare and send to mailing lists.


Open the debate: choose topics and launch forums to maintain a true dialogue with your users. Search and export forum content easily.


Manage events, from internal meetings to general assemblies, through event templates, registration fields, invitations and reminders. Create online registration forms and monitor registration processes. Ensure automatic online hotel and flight booking.


Survey your members through simple polls or in-depth studies. Edit questions and possible answers, compile and export results, allow respondents to view up-to-date results if you wish.

Collaborative Workspace

This tool allows you to gather information from other modules and provide users with an issue/project-oriented view by topics. Includes display templates and an action view with timeline for project management.

Web Site / Portal Builder

Create and manage dynamic web sites and portals through a user-friendly interface. Even non-webmasters can easily create page cascades and work in HTML via our WYSIWYG editor. Automatically push any content from the central repository onto your web site.

Find out more about DocShare on the I.R.I.S ECM site.