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The levels of storage

It is often a mistake to associate entry-level, midrange, and enterprise-class storage products with small, medium, and large size businesses respectively. For example, 30 percent of DS8000s are used by small and medium businesses and 70 percent of SAN Volume Controllers are used by small and medium businesses. Conversely, nearly every large enterprise uses entry-level and midrange storage products in addition to enterprise-class devices. For example, some large enterprises have branch offices or remote areas where smaller storage systems are more appropriate. Measurements often used to classify business size, such as the number of employees or sales revenue, do not always correlate with the amount of information those businesses store.

For this reason, product recommendations based on workloads often make more sense, though they still should be considered only as general guidelines.


Entry level
  • DS3500 Express
    IBM has combined best-of-breed development with leading 6 Gbps host interface and drive technology in the IBM System Storage DS3500 Express. With its simple, efficient, and flexible approach to storage, the DS3500 is a cost-effective, fully integrated complement to IBM System x servers, IBM BladeCenter, and IBM Power Systems.
  • EXP2500, 3000 and 3500 Express
    The IBM System Storage EXP3500 Expansion Unit provides a highly available storage system by supporting attachment to the DS3500 external controller, with two options of enclosure available—EXP3512 with capacity of 12 disks and EXP3524 for 24 disks.
  • EXP2500 Express
    Easy to manage, flexible, and extendable, the EXP2500 Express is designed to work as a direct-attach solution for IBM System x servers that helps organizations enhance capacity seamlessly to address their current and future data needs.
  • EXP3000 Express
    Robust and flexible, the EXP3000 Expansion Enclosure is offered as an expansion enclosure behind the DS3000 series of storage systems and can also be uitlized as a direct-attach solution for IBM System x servers. The addition of solid-state drives presents an opportunity to simplify local storage infrastructure to help maintain overall maintenance and cooling costs, while considering remote storage solutions for end-to-end data availability as part of a System x ecosystem.
  • Storwize V7000
    The Storwize is a powerful midrange disk system that has been designed to be easy to use and enable rapid deployment without additional resources. Storwize V7000 is virtual storage that also enables you to reuse existing disk systems. Get greater efficiency and flexibility through built-in solid state drive (SSD) optimization and thin provisioning technologies. Automatic tiering and non-disruptive migration are two other keywords of this baby SVC.
  • DS5000
    The multidimensional scalable DS5000 storage systems are equally adept at supporting transactional applications such as databases and On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP), throughput-intensive applications such as high-performance computing (HPC) and rich media, and concurrent workloads for consolidation and virtualization. DS5000 series storage systems can support the most demanding service level agreements (SLAs) for the most common operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux. Go beyond the normal three- to four-year life cycle, protecting your storage investment by delaying (or even eliminating) with DS5000!
  • EXP5060
    The EXP5060 High Density Disk Drive Enclosure is designed to accommodate up to 60 disk drive modules (DDM) in a 4U rack-mount enclosure, which means that you can go to 120TB per enclosure! DS5100 and DS5300 controllers support attachment of up to eight EXP5060 enclosures so you can have 960 TB of physical storage, all of which can be housed in a single 2101-200 rack system!
  • DCS3700
    Designed for applications with high-performance streaming data requirements, the DCS3700 offers optimal space utilization, low power consumption and high performance. With up to 60 SAS drives in just 4U of rack space, the DCS3700 can reduce operational costs for capacity-intensive applications.
  • DCS9900
    The IBM System Storage DCS9900 is designed for applications with high-performance streaming data requirements. Examples of such applications include weather forecasting, seismic processing, reservoir modeling, high definition (HD) creation and distribution, proteomics, structural analysis, fluid dynamics, and gene sequencing.
  • DS8000
    Imagine how much simpler life for your IT staff could be if they could manage much more data with considerable less effort. Many organizations are doing this today by consolidating a variety of disparate disk systems onto a highly-scalable and flexible one, such as the IBM System Storage DS8000. The DS8000 series exemplifies the legendary IBM quality and world-class engineering that continues to set the standard for satisfying the world’s most demanding customers.
  • XIV Storage System
    The XIV architecture is a grid of standard Intel and Linux components connected in any-to-any topology by means of massively paralleled, non-blocking Gigabit Ethernet. This architecture is designed to support outstanding enterprise-class reliability, performance, and scalability. IBM XIV is a core component of the IBM Information Infrastructure and can help you address your needs for data availability, security, compliance management, and information retention.
    IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storageis designed to embrace cloud storage in the petabyte age. It enables applications and services to be uncoupled from the underlying infrastructure, enabling businesses to adjust to change quickly. Organizations with fast-growing file systems are discovering now that traditional NAS -even clustered NAS- has serious problems with managing and supporting massively scaled storage containing millions to billions of active files. Such massive numbers of files require separate file systems served by separate servers. This is where SONAS helps. SONAS is designed to scale out to store millions to billions of active files in a single name space.

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