Do the most advanced software systems need to be complicated? Companies want powerful performance, a user-friendly interface, with minimal training to master. IRISNext delivers a complete ECM package. Thanks to a flexible configuration, it adapts to your way of working and ensures that your entire workforce all operate in the same environment. Instead of everyone creating his or her own file trees, just have one.

IRISNext is installed in under half an hour, that’s because we’ve done all the hard work before and so you can just enjoy the solution.
Training takes only one day. And a week later, you have a fully operational system. It’s a fraction of the time it takes other systems.
IRISNext is a web-based system, so it works with all operating systems, applications and software versions. Every department can work on the same document no matter what systems they’re running. With an open architecture, we have made it easy to create your own tools, for example training modules and archiving applications. Of course we’re there if you need us with a dedicated user and technical support team.

What if just the Finance department needs a system?
No problem.
IRISNext can be introduced one department at a time. In fact we often recommend starting with just your critical processes,
like Finances and Human Resources. You can expand the platform throughout your organisation as it proves its value.


Find out more about IRISNext on the I.R.I.S. ECM site.