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Lifecycle Management is the process of managing business information throughout its lifecycle, from requirements through retirement. The lifecycle crosses different application systems, databases and storage media. By managing information properly over its lifetime, organizations are better equipped to deliver competitive offerings to the market faster and support business goals with less risk.

Organizations face challenges around lifecycle management. For example: new application functionality not deployed on schedule, unintentional disclosure of confidential data kept in test/development environments, application defects discovered after deployment, increased costs and poor performance. The day-to-day challenges of lifecycle management are exacerbated by the growth of data volumes.

Lifecycle solutions from IBM InfoSphere help address these challenges by:

Reducing Costs: IBM InfoSphere lowers infrastructure and capital costs, improves productivity and reduces application defects during the development lifecycle.

Reducing Risks: IBM InfoSphere reduces application down time, minimizes service and performance disruptions and helps organizations meet data retention requirements.

Promoting Business Agility: IBM InfoSphere improves time-to-market, increases application performance and improves data quality through better test data.


IBM InfoSphere Data Architect

IBM InfoSphere Data Architect is a collaborative data design solution that helps you discover, model, relate, and standardize diverse and distributed data assets.

With InfoSphere Data Architect, you can discover, model, visualize, relate, and standardize diverse and distributed data assets across your enterprise.

  • Increase efficiency and reduce time-to-market through increased understanding of current data assets.
  • Simplify and accelerate data and integration design for Business Intelligence, Master Data Management and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) initiatives.
  • Leverage data model value across the data lifecycle to promote cross-lifecycle, cross-role and cross-organization collaboration and to align process service, application, and data architecture.
  • Dimensional Modeling - Design dimensional models to reduce development time for InfoSphere Data Warehouse and Cognos BI reporting.
IBM InfoSphere Discovery

IBM InfoSphere Discovery accelerates information centric project deployment and reduces risk by creating a 360º view of data relationships across heterogeneous sources.

Using patented capabilities, InfoSphere Discovery identifies and documents what data you have, where it is located and how it's linked across systems by intelligently capturing relationships and determining applied transformations and business rules.

  • Discover hidden data relationships to define "business objects" (logical groupings of data)
  • Automate the detection of sensitive data
  • Reverse engineering transformation logic
  • Prototype data consolidation rules for new projects
  • Use heuristics and sophisticated algorithms that automate an otherwise time consuming manual process.
  • Support for source data discovery of Unicode compliant sources
  • Source data support for a wide range of enterprise data sources including relational databases and any structured data source that can be represented in a text file format such as hierarchical database
  • Integration with IBM InfoSphere Information Server and IBM InfoSphere Optim solutions
  • Operating systems supported: Linux, Windows, z/OS
IBM InfoSphere Optim

InfoSphere Optim Data Management solutions manage data from requirements to retirement. Boost performance, empower collaboration, and improve governance across applications, databases and platforms.

These are the InfoSphere Optim solutions.

  • Accelerate Solution Delivery
    Develop enterprise-ready applications faster to drive business growth

  • Advanced Recovery
    Save time, reduce errors and meet your Service Level Agreements through robust backup and recovery solutions.

  • Facilitate Integrated Database Administration
    Empower DBAs to drive business results

  • Manage Data Growth
    Apply best-practice database archiving capabilities

  • Optimize Performance
    Optimize database application performance, pre and post production

  • Prepare for Application Retirement and Compliance
    Access data long after retirement to meet compliance requirements

  • Protecting Data Privacy and Ensuring Data Security
    Develop a holistic approach to data protection to ensure compliance and reduce costs

  • Simplify Test Data Management
    Improve application testing and reliability, and speed time to market

  • Streamline Upgrades and Migrations
    Leverage new application capabilities faster for competitive advantage

  • Managing the lifecycle of data in the cloud and virtual environment
    Single, comprehensive solution for cloud, virtual and physical infrastructures


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