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As an experienced VMware Partner, I.R.I.S. ICT can provide you with a first class service for all your virtualization, implementation and IT-management projects.

Supported by years of experience with the leading server-, storage- and networkproducts of todays world market, I.R.I.S. ICT has never forgotten that innovation is at least as important as knowledge and service.
That is why we have engineers that can combine their huge amount of experience with a great knowledge of today's latest products and technologies, and not only when it comes to hardware.

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What is Microsoft Hyper-V?

Hyper-V is an integral part of Windows Server and provides a foundational virtualization platform that enables you to transition to the cloud. With Windows Server 2008 R2 you get a compelling solution for core virtualization scenarios – production server consolidation, dynamic datacenter, business continuity, VDI and test & development.

Why Microsoft Hyper-V?


Comprehensive Virtualization Solutions

Microsoft virtualization offerings span from the desktop to the datacenter and into the cloud. Regardless of where you plan to use Microsoft virtualization, we provide comprehensive and customer-centric solutions that give you more choice, flexibility, integration and cost savings than VMware.

A Platform You Know with Virtualization Built-In
Microsoft believes virtualization should be an integral part of your IT infrastructure, so we built Hyper-V into Windows Server 2008 R2. This means you can easily integrate it with your existing infrastructure and management tools. Since Hyper-V is the “Windows you know,” you can use the in-house expertise you already have. In fact, if you know Windows, you know virtualization.
Unlike VMware vSphere, which adds another layer to your infrastructure and requires a separate skill set and training, with Microsoft you don’t have to spend valuable resources and time on learning a new skill set. There’s no need to dedicate specialized IT staff to manage your hypervisors.
Physical, Virtual and Cross-Platform Management
The more you virtualize, the more complex your environment can become—and the more critical management is to enabling a cost-effective, dynamic infrastructure. Microsoft System Center Management Suite Datacenter (SMSD) gives you a wide variety of integrated management functionality for your physical and virtual environments, and is the only solution that lets you manage Hyper-V and VMware, all through one pane of glass.
Microsoft lets you manage virtual and physical environments and uses common deployment, provisioning, monitoring, and backup methodologies across both. VMware’s answer to management is to use Virtual Infrastructure Enterprise and Virtual Center, but even this combination falls short: you still can’t manage multiple hypervisors, physical resources or applications.
Virtualization for the Desktop
Microsoft provides more comprehensive, flexible virtualization solutions than VMware for desktop virtualization.
The chart below will clarify some of the feature differences between Microsoft and VMware’s desktop virtualization offerings. Notice that Microsoft’s solution is more scalable and flexible, while offering integrated management for both virtual desktops and physical computers.

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