Ondit is a brand new start-up IT company who has over 20 years of technical experience, built up in the I.R.I.S. company. The I.R.I.S. company aims to increase their customer’s productivity and knowledge through helping them better manage their documents, data and information. Thanks to its IBM experience, the I.R.I.S. company delivers perfect quality.

Mission statement

Ondit aims to provide tailored solutions to assist you in overcoming the ever-increasing challenges IT departments face, ranging from basic monitoring to complete out-tasking and outsourcing. Thanks to our years of expertise in combination with our dynamic and efficient approach, Ondit offers a tailored solution for every client.

Ondit, thanks to its modular approach, is an expert in the development and implementation of high technological solutions.

Ondit offers the appropriate and adequate solution to every problem.

Ondit has over 20 years of technical experience, due to the working experience built up in the I.R.I.S. company.


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