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Why I.R.I.S. ICT?

As a Premier IBM Business Partner, I.R.I.S. ICT can provide you with a first class service for all your virtualization, implementation and IT-management projects.

Supported by years of experience with the leading server-, storage- and networkproducts of todays world market, I.R.I.S. ICT has never forgotten that innovation is at least as important as knowledge and service.
That is why we have engineers that can combine their huge amount of experience with a great knowledge of today's latest products and technologies, and not only when it comes to hardware.

This is why you can be sure that you have reached tomorrow earlier than your competitors.

-I.R.I.S. ICT, your ICT-partner.


What we offer

IBM Tivoli provides a comprehensive portfolio of security, risk and compliance management software, hardware and services to meet the challenges of securing a dynamic infrastructure:

The IBM Security Framework offers end to end protection with compliance reporting across people and identities, data and information, applications and processes, IT and physical infrastructure.

IBM Tivoli security management solutions deliver the visibility, control and automation organizations need in the following areas:

Compliance Management with automated user activity monitoring, tracking, reporting and remediation is an integral part of all of the IBM offerings.

The IBM Security Threat Migration solutions offer end-to-end risk management solutions to protect against the latest threats while reducing the costs and complexity of security.

IBM Tivoli EndPoint Manager built on BigFix technology helps you achieve smarter, faster endpoint management.

Featured products
  • IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System (Formerly IBM Proventia Network Intrusion Prevention System)

    Blocks network threats with security convergence of IBM Virtual Patch® technology, client side application protection, advanced IPS, data security, web application protection and application control.

  • IBM Security Server Protection (formerly IBM Proventia Server Protection)

    Delivers multilayered intrusion prevention and detection to protect servers from attack and more thoroughly manage compliance through extensive monitoring, recording and auditing capabilities.

  • IBM Security Virtual Server Protection for VMware

    Offers integrated threat protection for VMware vSphere 4 that provides security for every layer of the virtual infrastructure, including host, network, hypervisor, virtual machine (VM) and traffic between VMs.

  • Tivoli Security Information and Event Manager

    Provides centralized log management, event correlation, policy compliance dashboard and a reporting engine.

  • IBM Tivoli Identity Manager

    Automates internal controls that govern your user access rights.

  • IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On

    Automates sign-on and access to your enterprise applications to reduce costs and risk

  • IBM Security zSecure suite (formerly known as IBM Tivoli zSecure suite)

    Mainframe security administration, compliance and audit family of solutions.

  • IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager

    Helps IT organizations better manage the encryption key lifecycle by allowing them to simplify, centralize, automate and strengthen key management processes across the computing environment.

  • Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance

    IBM Tivoli® Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance addresses security challenges of distributed environments with endpoint management and security in a single solution.


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