SmartCloud Orchestrator

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What is SmartCloud Orchestrator?

Smartcloud Orchestrator is a complete dynamic cloud solution, previously known as ISDM (IBM Service Delivery Manager).

Orchestrator consists out of four “preconfigured” Linux machines each with their own function. The complete stack is available to run on a VMware or x86 infrastructure, but is also created for Power-systems. Multiple target or managed infrastructures are supported where ISDM can provision some virtual machines on. For example z/VM, KVM, XEN infrastructures are supported. ISDM is also capable of provisioning Windows as well as Linux machines on those environments.

Why SmartCloud Orchestrator?

As Orchestrator is the complete cloud solution, which service providers can use, it has some additional features. These features are for example Usage and Accounting or metering capabilities. ISDM can exactly measure the real used resources gives some pricing info. Besides that, each virtual machine can be completely monitored on it’s resource utilization.

The four machines are explained a little more into detail. The most important one of them is the TSAM machine.

  • Tivoli Storage Automation Manager (TSAM)
    This is the core of the SmartCloud Orchestrator solution, where all the working is done. TSAM will create, delete, modify and manage all the virtual machines.
  • Network File System (NFS)
    This server operates as a file repository for the installation of IBM Tivoli Monitoring Agents onto provisioned virtual servers. 
  • IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM)
    Provides monitoring for the Orchestrator stack and for the provisioned virtual machines.
  • IBM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager (TUAM)
    TUAM provides usage and accounting functionality, processes information about provisioned and de-provisioned virtual images and prepares data for invoice reporting

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