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As a Premier IBM Business Partner, I.R.I.S. can provide you with a first class service for all your virtualization, implementation and IT-management projects.
Supported by years of experience with the leading server-, storage- and networkproducts of todays world market, I.R.I.S. has never forgotten that innovation is at least as important as knowledge and service. That is why we have engineers that can combine their huge amount of experience with a great knowledge of today's latest products and technologies, and not only when it comes to hardware.

This is why you can be sure that you have reached tomorrow earlier than your competitors.

-I.R.I.S. , your ICT-partner.

What we offer

Most organizations are facing an explosion of data. Digitized information can be deleted, stolen or simply misplaced among volumes of useless data. Managing this rapid growth in data requires a more sophisticated storage management solution, one that helps you understand, classify, protect, and retain your data according its purpose and value. And of course, it needs to do it cost effectively.

IBM offers a comprehensive, flexible storage management software portfolio that helps organizations address storage management challenges across the enterprise, including data centers, remote/branch offices and desktop/laptop computers. Learn more about the specific components within the IBM storage software family that can help you create a more responsive and resilient storage infrastructure for your on demand business.

IBM storage management software solutions are part of the IBM Integrated Service Management (ISM) strategy and portfolio. IBM Integrated Service Management solutions automate IT department processes for planning, justifying, and managing appropriate levels of resources needed to support business services. The focus is to ensure that systems resources such as storage, servers, applications and networks are used in an optimal fashion that aligns IT with business strategy. When change or investment is required, it is analyzed, approved and executed in a timely fashion and deployed with automation to the greatest overall effect.

Featured products

IBM Tivoli Enterprise Asset Management
With IBM enterprise asset management solutions, you can gain near real time visibility into asset usage, better govern assets, extend the useful life of capital equipment, improve return on assets and defer new purchases while unifying processes for wide-ranging enterprising asset management functions across multiple sites.
IBM Tivoli Enterprise Asset Management solutions:

  • Support enterprise asset management in key industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, nuclear power, oil and gas, service providers, transportation and utilities.
  • Provide visibility and control over critical assets that affect compliance, risk and business performance.
  • Increase the useful life of physical assets with improved business processes for an increased return on assets and enhanced operational efficiency.


IBM Spectrum Protect
Automates data backup and restore functions, supports a broad range of platforms and storage devices, and centralizes storage management operations.

IBM Spectrum Control
IBM Spectrum Control (formerly called Tivoli Storage Productivity Center) is the full-featured storage resource management software product from IBM. Often referred to as “TPC”, Spectrum Control performs monitoring, reporting and management of the storage infrastructure including storage systems and the storage area network fabric.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize
Built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, part of the IBM Spectrum Storage family, IBM SAN Volume Controller is a dependable system that improves data value, security, and simplicity for new and existing storage infrastructure. Proven over 12 years in thousands of deployments, its innovative data virtualization capabilities help organizations achieve better data economics by supporting new workloads that are critical to their success. SVC systems can handle the massive volumes of data from mobile and social applications, enable rapid and flexible cloud services deployments, and deliver the performance and scalability needed to gain insights from the latest analytics technologies.

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